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In each of us, there is a special place where we isolate our center being… a place where we hope to find inner peace and tranquil safety.  This is the place where forces that are beyond our control quietly influence and guide us and bring forth our intuition and sense of purpose.  As we get ready to celebrate a new year, I ask you to go to your inner place and reflect on this past year and all that you have achieved.  And hope you truly welcome a new year with a wide embrace, a joyful heart, love, and many expectations for a bright future.  My colleagues and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed new year. 

In this particular season, it is timely that Sheila Applegate’s book, Enchanted One, The Portal to Love is being released.   aaduna published excerpts from the then unpublished manuscript in its spring 2011 issue.  So, as can be expected, we take some pride in announcing that the book is now available for ordering.  While every book eventually finds it audience, Enchanted One… has the potential and power to change the spiritual landscape.  But that is editorializing, and the book’s validity and impact will be deemed by the reading public.   So, read it and let us know your comments.

I once asked you whether or not you had your Apple today.  Well, not to worry, here it is…a short take…a glimpse of recent conversation between Ms. Applegate and me.  


“Short Takes…”
A Conversation with Sheila Applegate

Since our last interview, what have you been up to…whether it is good or bad?
What mistakes have you made since we last talked and how did you rectify those missteps? And all you want for the Holiday season is what?

A lot has happened since we last talked. My book Enchanted One: The Portal To Love is being released through Redwheel/Weiser Publishing on December 28! I am very excited and working passionately at preparing both a virtual and live book tour! I am once again in awe of Divine Timing and the perfection of how things unfold. I have been receiving such an incredible response to my book already. The support I am receiving as I prepare to launch this message to the world is also very touching.
I have made the following mistakes since we last talked: I overworked until I got my body forced me to rest with bronchitis and a sinus infection! More importantly, this is how I rectified those missteps: I took the time to re-center myself and remember how perfectly the universe is supporting me. I reached out to my friends and asked them to hold an image of me healthy, vibrant and getting every task done with ease! Now that I am healthy again, I am still working diligently but I am remembering the importance of quiet reflection and receiving.
All I want for the Holiday Season is to enjoy my family and friends while I share my message of unconditional love with the world through the launching of my book!

Knowing that any book affects each reader differently, is there a composite or overall expectation that you want to see when folks read your book?

You know, everyone who has previewed this book has had his/her own unique reaction to it. I think that in itself was my greatest intention. I wanted to write a book that was layered. What I mean is I want it to touch each person at exactly the space they are when they read it, much like The Prophet by Kahil Gibran. Every time I read that, it has new meaning that touches me exactly where I need it to at the moment.
Beyond that, my book is intended to take people on a journey where they find themselves resting in Divine Love, a space where their hearts and minds are in alignment, a space to learn to embody life at its fullest.

With that said, is there anything else that the reader can do to enhance the messages that are in your book?  I know you are available for personal consultations, but what does one do if s/he is at a geographical distance?  And is a book tour with personal appearances planned for the future?

First of all, the most important thing that each reader can do is to follow his/her own heart. There are many paths to remembering our true selves and living in love. For those who resonate with my message and want to explore this path further I am available for personal consultations to people around the world. Fortunately, with our modern technology we are no longer limited by geographical location. I work with people via phone and Skype. I also do live webinars. In fact on January 1, 2013, I will be offering a free " Peek into 2013" Webinar. (The details can be found at
I absolutely have personal appearances planned for the future! I am beginning with a virtual book tour which means that I will be found all over the internet. I will make an appearance on multiple blogs and radio shows throughout the first few weeks of January. I am also planning to tour in New York in January. In February, I will be making several appearances in California. Following that, I will be in North Carolina and New Mexico. The details of the traveling book tour are still falling into place. I have a page on my website that will keep everyone abreast of the plans.
My passion is sharing these insights with others. I want everyone to experience the pure joy of being alive that comes with having our hearts and minds working in harmony with each other.

It sounds like you will be creating your own whirlwind, good for you!  So, what is next for you?  What are your plans and goals for 2013?

The energy around preparing for Enchanted One to be released has felt like a whirlwind! There is so much to do on top of everything I already did as a full time mom and career woman! I have been focusing on each task in front of me and seeing December 28 as the goal date. It reminds me of preparing for a wedding. Both in the sense that there is so many details to attend to and because, like a wedding, the date I am preparing for is really just the beginning of a whole new phase of my life. Similar to a wedding, the focus becomes so fixed on the event that I often forget to think about what follows.
The truth is that I do know what follows because I have seen this phase of my career for a very long time.
I am looking forward to sharing my guidance with larger groups of people. I plan to do live presentations throughout the world. I also will continue to offer presentations via the internet. I am so passionate about sharing my insights with others. I want to help the world remember that love is our natural state!
I have several more books waiting to be written. Some of the titles dancing in my head are
"Five Essential Tools To Co-creating The Life of Your Dreams"
"The Truth About Twin Flames and Soul Mates"
"Conscious Parenting: A Guide to Parenting In The Fifth Dimension"
I am looking forward to writing these and so many more!



  1. Bill, thank you for introducing us, your readers, to Sheila.


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