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2011 was a good year!

I don't mean to push out 2011 since October just started but it is the end of the year for aaduna as a publication.  The fall issue, which is our last issue of the year, is now available at and we are accepting submissions for the First Anniversary/winter 2012 issue scheduled for launch on February 28th.  The submissions deadline is November 13 and more detailed information is available on the website.

 And not to thump our chests, but this issue is ambitious and empowering.  Lisa Brennan did an impressive job getting the issue up and the galleries reflect her work as our new visual arts editor.  The photographs, artwork, and a "video" created specifically for aaduna glisten with creativity by the visual artists and Lisa provided the appropriate settings for this work.  Furthermore, the poetry, fiction and non-fiction sections highlight a wide range of thought and expressions, and our pilot work with the Auburn Correctional Facility identified s…