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Image Joyous. Spirited. Focused. Grateful. " THAT’S THE WAY I FEEL NOW.* *” For the past few weeks, I tried to overload you with information.   Shared with you the background of creative people and how they fit in my world of artist enhancement, promotion, and providing public platforms for them to present their work to you, to us. Now, the ball is no longer in my court. It is up to you. Decide. We welcome you and your guests! 4 th annual aaduna fundraiser In the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance: Creative Journeys & Interpretations to Keep the Renaissance Alive, 2018 A Grand Festive Party with Words & Music! Thursday, May 24 Carriage House Theater/Cayuga Museum 203 Genesee Street Auburn, NY 13021 Doors Open at 6 PM Live Music with Joe Whiting & Terry Quill kicks off at 6:15. Literary readings and p

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing…

Okay, are you now thinking that I have completely lost it? Convinced that I decided to wander in a time and space that is far removed from basic reality.   Lost my ability to decipher the order of months and the significance of annual celebrations and observances. Becoming an eccentric, an aberrant personality and searcher for the nearest desert to wrap a cloth over my head and walk, and walk, and walk…in circles? (Years ago, a dear friend laughingly predicted that in my old age, I would eventually wind up that way: desert, blanket, circles. I know; too much information.) So, let’s look at what you know. aaduna continues to exist within a different sphere that was created to support, enrich, and advance those interested in literary genres and the visual arts on a global scale with a particular   preference for dynamic, multicultural content.   aaduna tends to manifest its own sense of creativity that may defy and challenge what is expected, what is the accepted paradigm. S

Of finding a gem in the most unlikely places

Most or all of us have experienced the joy of unexpectedly finding something that we were surprised at and then elated as to our good luck.   I share that anecdote because a few months ago, a person affectionally referred to as the “Flying Busman” submitted one of his poems to “ aadunanotes .”   It was a natural fit for “Avenues…” and a testament to the creative energy that exists in varied places being composed by intriguing and creative people.   We graciously welcome a poem by Mickey Mahan who comes to aaduna out of Syracuse, New York. WALKING THROUGH THE BUS GARAGE   walking through the guts of the bus garage at 5:00 a.m. stray sparrows swoop between florescent lights oil spills salt from the streets melted snow puddles the clang and clash of mechanics at work radios horns huge overhead doors opening the smell of new tires stacked like rubbery vertebrae mixes with the wafting exhaust of idling buses rumbling and purring in excited vibrations Francine