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Have you ever been to a Poetry PARTY? Join us this Thursday, June 8th for "word, revisited" with Michael Jennings!

  word, revisited Thursday, June 8 th , 6:00 PM,~Theater Mack/Cayuga Museum, Auburn, NY   bill berry, Jr. with Michael Jennings, CNY Book Award ceremony, Syracuse, NY   December 9, 2016. Photo by Lisa A. Brennan When was the last time you met someone for the first time and was impressed with their kindness, graciousness, and ability to softly embrace you into their world?   I had that experience last December when my wife, Lisa, and I met Michael Jennings at the Central New York (CNY) Book Award ceremony in Syracuse, New York where his recent book, Crossings: A Record of Travel , won the 2016 CNY Book Award for Poetry .   Now, Michael is the type of jubilant and insightful person you would want to share a pint with in a cozy pub or a cup of tea in the back of an old bookstore.  Maybe a glass of red wine at a book awards ceremony?!  Now, without a doubt, Mr. Jennings knows how to weave poetic tales that wraps your spirit in a bear hug, and pushes your