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Where the heck is Shakopee?

Well for the uninformed, it is in Minnesota and you should google it for more geographical information.I only know where it is because one of the featured poets in the fall-winter 2014 issue resides in that city.Once my colleagues and I read her poems, I just had to know how a place that was not on my radar screen or known via aaduna’s breadth of reach could produce a poet whose work overflowed with poignancy, focus, narrative control, and command of her craft.Oh, I have not mentioned her name yet…oops.It is

Jennifer Wolfe.

And I suspect you will enjoy her work; just knowing the titles can make you anxious to read her work:

“The Moon I,”


“To The Men and Women in the 3rd Ring of the 7th Circle of Hell”

So, I now know where Shakopee is…thank youJennifer!

The fall-winter 2014 issue is coming in early 2015...we just have to be difficult with our timeframes...sometimes...we just want to keep you on your toes! Have a great New Year's Eve and year! 

Stay Creative,



Sending thanks and heartfelt wishes to our entire aaduna family; artists, supporters, friends... for a splendid holiday season, celebrating a fantastic year together and looking forward to a fabulous 2015 ahead!

Stay Creative!


So what does Phnom Penh, Cambodia have in common with Columbia, South Carolina?

aaduna…of course!

In the forthcoming fall-winter 2014 issue, Enrico Gaveglia based in Phnom Penh and Ernest Williamson III based in Columbia will present their artwork in the aaduna galleries.We thought we might tease you with an artwork from each artist, but then decided….naaay!
Gaveglia and Williamson are worth waiting for!

Congrats to David B.!

David Bendezu, a member of the Phoenix Players Theatre Group (PPTG) sited at the Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, NY and a former aaduna contributor recently received his Associate’s degree from CayugaCommunity College through a privately-funded program administered by CornellUniversity.This program seeks to give incarcerated individuals the opportunity to earn a college degree after several years of hard work and study under the instruction and guidance of Cornell faculty members.

Mr. Bendezu’s work in aaduna, represented his poignant contribution to the larger PPTG staged theatrical work, titled “Inside Out” presented to a select invited audience at the Auburn Correctional Facility in 2011.

We wish David continued success as he takes those pathways to create a better life for himself.

Congratulation David!  Your Mom beamed with pride throughout the ceremony.  Continue to fill her heart and spirit with joy.

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE as published in The Citizen Newspaper

David's wo…

aaduna announces Pushcart Prize nominees

“The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is the most honored literary project in America…. The Pushcart Prize has been a labor of love and independent spirits since its founding. It is one of the last surviving literary co-ops from the 60's and 70's.”

aadunanominated the following four fiction writers for the 2016 round of The Pushcart Prize:  (Click the individual titles below to view work)

B. Lynn CarterOne Wild Ride 

Millie ChapmanPeony

Shelby Settles HarperPeyote Spirit 

Michael MurrayStage Fright 

aaduna nominated the following two poets for the 2016 round of the Prize:

Joyce MillerEXCRESCENCE:                                  Haiti sampled after the hurricane

Noorulain NoorAtonement 

The above work can be found in the summer issue 2014 (Chapman, Miller, Murray) and the winter-spring 2014 issue (Carter, Harper, Noor) available at

We congratulate our nominees and invite you to share their recognition with your family,…

Tee-Shirt Raffle Winners are...

Haven Blue
Escondido, California

Scott Saalman
Jasper, Indiana

Eva Bouchard
Syracuse, New York

Christopher Gorrie
San Diego, California

Denise Smith
Fairfield, Alabama

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated !  

If you missed out... don't worry!   We will do only one more raffle that will herald in the New Year [2015,] our fifth year of publishing aaduna.  


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Happy Holidays to ALL!

You've heard the phrase, "Catch a Rising Star..." haven't you?

With that phrase lodged in your brain, you are invited to check out my recent conversation with Millie Chapman now available via our aaduna website:

It is always special to get to know someone at the onset of a promising writing career so you can watch that person develop  and chart a path that engages a wide spectrum of the reading public.  So, I am not just tossing a phrase around when I say, "Catch a rising star."  

And if my chat with Millie does not spark you to want to know more about her, read or re-read her story,"Peony" as published in aaduna's summer 2014 issue.  You will soon see what I initially saw when I read her story for the first time.

And just remember, it is always fun to put a "star" in your pocket!

Help us increase Aaduna Inc. page likes on facebook, click below - our goal is to reach 500 likes by December 8th.  

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Our FIRST Totally and Absolutely FREE Tee-Shirt Holiday Offer

In the spirit of the 2014 Holiday Season, we are raffling off five tee-shirts (available only in large, black or gray) with FREE shipping and handling.Winners will be announced this Thursday, December 4, 2014.
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A Creative Writing Workshop Opportunity

aaduna contributor, Frank Gladden shared this important information with us. We share this info with you and hope you do likewise with your colleagues.


Call for Applications

CALLALOO, the premier literary journal of the African Diaspora, is now accepting applications for the 2015 Barbados CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP (CCWW) until January 15, 2015. Given the success of this year's inaugural Barbados CCWW at the University of the West Indies in Cave Hill, the 2015 workshop is sure to be yet another engaging, rigorous, and inspiring event. We invite you to spend May 17-23, 2015, with CALLALOO in Cave Hill, Barbados.

The 2015 Barbados CCWW will be hosted by The Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill. Vievee Francis and Ravi Howard will serve as the 2015 workshop leaders.

Vievee Francis is the author of Horse in …

The winners of the November FREE aaduna tee-shirt campaign are:

Christina R. of Las Vegas, NV
Heidi N. of Auburn, NY
Peter L. of Dakar, Senegal
Shirts will be mailed to them later this week.


Here are the questions ANSWERS (with a clue thrown in here ‘n’ there) and the first clue is that all three questions pertain to the summer2014 issue only:      (

#1.The following lines are from what poem? For this town was our world:
a lake, a dog chasing down a piece of tree.
ANSWER:  "Squaring the Circling Way" by Sarah Wyman

Read Poem Here

#2.Who or what is the “Wild Goose” and what story is this reference found in?
ANSWER:   The "Wild Goose" is a bar in the short story,
"Fear," written by Tom Backer.  Read Story Here 

#3.Who makes “digital collages about being human?” ANSWER:  Jeffrey Lee Graham created a digital collage to express what it means to be human.  View digital collage Here

Didn't participate?  You can w…

I am enjoying this...wanna try?

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone where you enjoyed the interaction, the give and take, the sharing, the intimacy? 

I am so pleased that Judita Pamfil took the time to chat with me.  While I knew some things about Judita due to our "back 'n' forth" short e-mails in preparation for aaduna's publishing of  her poetry and artwork, her willingness and graciousness to engage me in further, intentional conversation gave me several moments of delight. 

I invite you to read what we had to say to each other, and hope that you reach out and have a real conversation with someone you want to chat with.   

Oh, here is a little tidbit that I have never mentioned in public. 

Judita sent me an unsolicited 2013 first edition copy of her book of poems, "Moon Songs."  After reading her work, I immediately reached out to her and asked (and hoped and wanted) her to submit work to aaduna.  The rest is as folks say, "herstory."  

READ our Conv…

What's behind Persecution?

Back in the day, there were melodic voices harmonizing words on street corners devoid of instrumentation.

Back in the day, swift hands drummed rhythms from Africa and Cuba sweetened with an occasional timbale, flute, trumpet or voice that stimulated people to congregate on park benches or boardwalks adjacent to the beach.

Back in the day, The Last Poets rhymed words into poignant and empowering stories and realistic fables that set the stage for later day rappers, street poets, and word masters.

Today, poetry is an ever evolving genre that maintains tradition but encompasses the urban artist who spins words and phrases into insights, who gestures here 'n' there with the dramatic flourish and fluidity of a street corner preacher.

So, what is behind Persecution?  Maybe an avenue of twists and turns that brings you to the abyss of understanding your inner truths through another person's experiences.

I guess you should find out for yourself what's behind Persecution. 

READ my f…

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That’s right we are giving away 3 aaduna tee-shirts and will pay shipping and handling.No cost to you!So, what’s the catch you ask yourself?

Here it is.

All interested participants who answer correctly all of the following three questions by November 15th will be in a drawing.On November 16, we will select three random winners from this pool.We notify the winners via e-mail; get their mailing address and choice of color (black or gray, one size only, which is large,) and mail the tee.

That’s it!

Here are the questions (with a clue thrown in here ‘n’ there) and the first clue is that all three questions pertain to the summer2014 issue only:      (

#1.The following lines are from what poem? For this town was our world:
a lake, a dog chasing down a piece of tree.

#2.Who or what is the “Wild Goose” and what story is this reference found in?

#3.Who makes “digital collages about being human?”

E-mail your answers to no later than November 15th.

Good Luck!