Tee-Shirt Raffle Winners are...

Haven Blue
Escondido, California

Scott Saalman
Jasper, Indiana

Eva Bouchard
Syracuse, New York

Christopher Gorrie
San Diego, California

Denise Smith
Fairfield, Alabama

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated !  

If you missed out... don't worry!   We will do only one more raffle that will herald in the New Year [2015,] our fifth year of publishing aaduna.  


Since the design of aaduna's current shirts will not be repeated in subsequent tee-shirt printings, these originals will soon become a collector's item. 

Available in one size (Large), black or gray. The tee-shirts normally sell at $20 each plus a $5 shipping and handling (S/H) per shirt. For the Holiday Period (ends January 2, 2015,) you can purchase a shirt for $18 each, including S/H charges.

Visit:  http://www.aaduna.org/support-us to order your Tee Shirt to take advantage of this special holiday sale while at the same time supporting aaduna!  

Happy Holidays to ALL!