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aaduna, Inc. receives a Sovereign Bank Foundation Grant

After a self-study and the need to take a fresh look at aaduna , in March 2013, aaduna, Inc. applied for a $6,100 grant from the Sovereign Foundation to fund operating overhead and expenses, most notably and specifically, technology updates to the journal's online presence.  In mid-June, we received written documentation that the Sovereign Bank Foundation awarded $6,000 to aaduna, Inc. to assist the non-profit corporation in this endeavor.    In part, the Foundation stated, "We value the efforts your organization makes to ensure that our community remains strong and vibrant, not only for today, but also for the future."  Under the leadership of Lisa Brennan, aaduna's visual arts editor, we will develop a look for aaduna that reflects the growth and evolution of the contributing poets, writers and artists whose work grace our pages.  We will keep the multicultural feel and diverse emotions that aaduna has so well represented since its first issue.    I