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POP the champagne... aaduna has launched!

aaduna fall 2015 issue launch party  (photo provided by Lisa Brennan) We celebrate this issue influenced by memories of Keith Leonard who passed away unexpectedly in late September of this year.  And yet, Keith would say "get over yourself and do what you are suppose to do...celebrate and make festive noise for the poets, writers and artists who gave their work to aaduna   to publish and promote..." We first published in 2011.  In our fifth year, we combined our summer and fall issues and created a wonderful mix of words, images and contributors.  And we celebrate and fete their work and their creativity.  This current issue belongs to the contributors whose patience, support and graciousness made the difficult road to publication easier because we knew they had our backs...without question.  And that is what trust is about and where aaduna rests its hat. aaduna was born to extol the virtues of diversity, multiculturalism, pluralism and respect

aaduna nominates six contributors for 2016 Pushcart Prize

Earlier today, aaduna announced its nominees for the 2016 Pushcart Prize.   bill berry, jr. stated, 2015 was a strong year for the journal as its contributors enticed and captivated readers in terms of imagery, story, focus, execution of ideas, and unique approaches to craft.   We are pleased with all the poems and stories that grace our pages, and realize that the current nominees strongly represent our entire community of poets, writers , visual artists, readers, and supporters in a marvelous manner.   We celebrate the nominees’ individual achievement as aaduna continues to embrace all contributors whose individual creativity enables us to produce a journal that is respected and valued in the world-wide   community.          Here are the aaduna 2016 nominees: for Poetry: Desiree St. Amant                    Sunrise Villas Beraha Sellem                          Untitled -                                                                          "Th