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aaduna announces Contributors to the winter/spring 2014 anniversary issue!

We thought you might be interested in the creative folks we are presenting for your reading enjoyment and eventual sharing and discussions with friends, family and associates.  The winter/spring 2014 issue proudly presents the following writers and artists: Poetry from Berkeley , California Erika Donald out of Strongsville , Ohio Christine M. Donofrio hanging in San Diego , California Christopher H. Gorrie settled in Bethesda , Maryland Shelby Settles Harper from Hong Kong Dr. Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee relocated to Atlanta , Georgia and returning to aaduna Tamara J. Madison out of North Java, New York Edward Mendes residing in San Jose , California Noorulain Noor living in Richmond, Indiana Joann Quiñones residing in Columbia, South Carolina Dr. Ernest Williamson, III Fiction out of Tilton , Illinois : Dennis R. Boyd, Jr. residing in The Bronx, New York : B. Lynn Carter living in Bethesda , Maryland : Shelby Set

aaduna contributor Lifshin pens a new book of poetry!

OK...we have been dormant for the past few weeks...sorry about that...but we are now back and encourage you to watch for all the updates that will start to flow your way. First up...Lifshin! Lyn Lifshin’s new poetry book titled “Malala” is now available.   Lyn Lifshin   (photo provided) aaduna featured Lyn’s work in its Second Anniversary, winter/spring 2013 issue.    Click Here Here are some comments pertaining to Lyn’s new book and then enjoy complimentary poems from “Malala.” Once more Lyn Lifshin, the American queen of the small press scene for the last forty years, makes her voice heard, this time in support of Malala Yousafzai, an innocent Pakistani school girl who in 2008 at a press conference in Peshawar asked why the Taliban was taking away her right to basic education. What religion or ideology can justify the attempt to murder a l5 year old girl who speaks out for education? This new book by Lyn Lifshin is both brave and innovative. The poet somehow telepor