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aaduna, da Costa, and National Poetry Month….

Gonzalinho da Costa’s poems will embrace the pages of aaduna’s forthcoming spring 2015 issue with a launch date towards the end of National Poetry Month, which is this month...April! With permission of the poet, we celebrate POETRY with a da Costa poem followed by his brief narrative that will enhance your understanding of an aspect of Filipino culture and tradition. THE RICE PLANT I held him by his slender neck To pierce him under his chin And saw white sap trickle forth Like milk spills from a tin. I shook him strongly by his thigh To feel him flail like a fish And heard his hands’ helpless sigh Like sand shaken in a dish. I bravely bent his youthful bone, Which sprang with a painful cry— I wondered how one so green and wet Should so resemble I— For I am brown and dry. Gonzalinho da Costa shares: Rice is a symbol of Southeast Asia—kindly note, for example, the bound rice sheaf in the ASEAN logo. Malays, who incl

Don’t Believe Me Just Watch…It will be Sold Out…Don’t be sorry! Get your ticket(s) NOW.

CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS Tickets for the aaduna, Inc. 2015 Harlem Renaissance…Revisited fundraiser are now available via PayPal or by check or money order payable to aaduna, Inc. and mailed to aaduna, Inc. SFR, 144 Genesee Street, Suite 102-259, Auburn , NY 13021 .   You do not want to miss uptown (upstate) poets and writers weave magic along with their downtown (downstate – NYC) colleagues.   The collective readings/performances will embrace you, and pull you into a world of creative words that will intrigue, challenge, embellish, and make your spirit feel good!  The music will have you tapping your feet. Don't believe me? The FIRST 25 people to order tickets online PLUS the FIRST 25 people to send a check and/or money order will get one FREE aaduna, limited edition tee-shirt (your choice of color: black or gray…one size only: large) that will be held at the door.   Of course, this offer ends when we reach capacity seating and then standing room…so we may no

Poetry Publishing Opportunity - Please Share

Dear aaduna contributors and friends, The Georgia Review  recently announced the third annual Loraine Williams Poetry Prize - --$1,000 and publication in The Georgia Review for a single poem, originally written in English and never before published either in print or online. The submission period is 1 April 2015–15 May 2015, with the winning poem to be announced on 15 August 2015 and published in the Spring 2016 issue. Poems may be submitted online or by post. For more information, visit their website: . Send them your work, and tell others in your network about the prize. For further information: Jenny Gropp Managing Editor The Georgia Review 706A Main Library 320 S. Jackson Street The University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602 706-542-0044