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As some things change, others remain the same...

  Heidi Nightengale (photo provided) In the late Nineties, I interviewed Heidi Nightengale for a position in Cayuga Community College’s Continuing Education Division under the leadership of associate dean Keith Batman, who currently chairs the Cayuga County Legislature. At that time, I found Ms. Nightengale to be keenly intellectual possessing a high degree of purpose, dedication and focus to serving the needs and aspirations of others. Goal driven with a creative spirit and engaging personality, Ms. Nightengale served the college quite well. Flash forward over 20 years and Heidi continues to exhibit the same qualities that impressed me back in the day. And she has become a well-respected poet, writer and most recently a publisher where she brings together all of her professional skills, savvy, and creative abilities to Clare Songbirds Publishing House. Heidi Nightengale has been writing and publishing in local, regional and national literary magazines for over 25 year