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We wish you a new year of No back, hip, or knee pain and successful surgery if that becomes your road Finding wellness…no ear, head, or tooth aches…no other bodily discomforts. Ability to accept the reality that age and life-style brings its own dimensions and consequences to our health that we can change, if we want to. Willingness to listen to viewpoints that offend our sensibilities, and the ability to filter those thoughts through a process of critical thinking before arriving at a conclusion. Taking action when necessary. Becoming involved. Loving others because that is in our hearts even if we know that this love will not be returned to us. Being able to say what we need to say even when the choice of words may offend the ears of those listening to what we have to say. Being able to manifest kindness to others, even strangers, because it is the right thing to do. Accepting blessings without questioning as to why. Living Life to its fullest. HAPPY NEW