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Reflection, Sharing, and Giving Thanks

For most of us, Thanksgiving Day marks the start of the season where we reflect on where we have been and where we want to go.   Our interests tend to transition from giving to ourselves to giving to others and wanting to share our blessings with those who seek to be blessed by the generosity of others.   I suspect all these attributes came together as Lisa, Carrie and I visited my Mom in Arlington , VA for the past five days to celebrate Thanksgiving.   (For those of you who know Cairo and Cleo, those two joined the road trip.)   This annual sojourn also included promoting aaduna and once again we left marketing material at the Poets and Busboys restaurant on 14 th and U Streets in DC.   While we did not get the chance to see friends and family in Baltimore and other parts of MD, or spend time with friends/family in DC (Sandra Miles and Frank Daspit), there were some inspiring highlights.    Dinner at Rincome, a Thai restaurant on Columbia Pike.   Since my trip to Thailand