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Vibrancy, Enchantment and Fables to Delight

When any community, especially a community of creative people, is supportive and in tune with each other, a member(s) can miss an event, but the event remains powerful and stimulating.  While Lisa and I missed Thursday’s “word, revisited” featured speaker and open mic, we researched event highlights noted by audience comments on their social media postings, their evaluative thoughts expressed in e-mails, as well as words from an organizing partner and comments from the featured speaker.  “It was a good night…open mic poets (9 readers!)  We had a new reader, a truck driver, Jim Spencer, who was excellent. I read Heidi's bio from her book and told a little bit about my past associations with her on different projects for an introduction. We all missed you.” - Ron Van Nostrand The post-event general consensus is that the Carriage House Theater was a room full of people.  During the open mic session, Karen Faris , a Rochester, NY based writer, poet, and mixed media artist p

To and For Us, A New Opportunity for Emerging Artists

We exist in a global community.  Our spirit is skewed towards sharing various creative opportunities regardless of geographical location.  Why?  Because you never know who might see a “share” or receive an e-blast message where the recipient knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody…. More importantly, in our world, knowing what cultural institutions are doing to expand the visual, performing, and historical arts is important to us.  Our global community is distant yet local.  International yet community-based…. So, here is the necessary information regarding a new exhibition opportunity for visual artists, and please share to your contacts.  Any questions should be sent directly to the museum.  The Cayuga Museum located at 203 Genesee Street in Auburn, New York, USA is hosting a brand new series of rotating art exhibits in 2018.  The series is designed to be a showcase of different emerging artists from central New York, and the museum is looking for a v