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Teasing, Laufenberg Is At It Again!

An excerpt from Keith G. Laufenberg's short story, "Life Without." T he reason that the Cat got life without the possibility of parole was because Maximum McDow had enticed her snitches to testify that there had been a certain number of kilos of coke involved in the deals. See, Maximum McDow wasn’t just satisfied with a simple conviction, she wanted a conviction where there would be the maximum punishment allowed, and then meted out. See, I know all about this shyster McDow because I finished law school in 1994 and have been practicing criminal law ever since. The Cat is incarcerated in Atlanta , at the federal pen there, where he’s doing triple life, each life sentence followed without the possibility of parole. That’s right, you heard me right, triple life; let me explain that, see, what happened is that Maximum McDow had some old drug cases that she wanted to clear off her books and the easiest way for her to do it, now that she had a ‘drug kingpin,’ the Cat, alread