Where the heck is Shakopee?

Well for the uninformed, it is in Minnesota and you should google it for more geographical information.  I only know where it is because one of the featured poets in the fall-winter 2014 issue resides in that city.  Once my colleagues and I read her poems, I just had to know how a place that was not on my radar screen or known via aaduna’s breadth of reach could produce a poet whose work overflowed with poignancy, focus, narrative control, and command of her craft.  Oh, I have not mentioned her name yet…oops.  It is

Jennifer Wolfe. 

And I suspect you will enjoy her work; just knowing the titles can make you anxious to read her work:

“The Moon I,”


To The Men and Women in the 3rd Ring of the 7th Circle of Hell”  

So, I now know where Shakopee is…thank you Jennifer!

The fall-winter 2014 issue is coming in early 2015...we just have to be difficult with our timeframes...sometimes...we just want to keep you on your toes!
Have a great New Year's Eve and year! 

Stay Creative,