Transforming Snippets to an Enticing Body of Work

Over the past few days, we introduced contributors, and provided snippets and excerpts from their work contained in the coming spring 2017 anniversary issue.  Soon you will enjoy the full range of their words and images.  And embrace poems by

Ethan Baker
Fleur Beaupert
Fred Chandler
Alan Chazaro
Zavi Kang Engles
Michael Lee Johnson
Paige Simkins
Wren Tuantha

aaduna spring 2017 issue / contributing poets

Become captivated by fiction from

Flo Au
Chaya Bhuvaneswar
James Dunlap
Reyumeh Ejue
Ronald Gauthier
Patrick A. Howell
Mahnaz Kousha
Ivory McDonald
Zakiya Milton
Dietra Reid
Jerry Vilhotti

aaduna spring 2017 / contributing fiction writers

Get intrigued by non-fiction from

Ella Daniels
John W. Crowley
Quiana Katumu
Jim Ross

aaduna spring 2017 issue / contributing non-fiction writers

And feast your eyes on visual images from

Robert Bharda
Darrell Urban Black
Allen Forrest
Sukrita Paul Kumar

aaduna spring 2017 issue / contributing visual artists

The spring 2017 is launching soon!   Excited?

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