PRESENTING... aaduna's fall 2012 issue !

WELCOME...aaduna si dofa rey (the world is huge)!

Fall 2012 Homepage Cover Photo:  "Curtis" (c) 2012 by Ashley Lane, Photographer

We rarely (if ever) preach, proselytize, whoop and holler or do self-serving testimonials.  So, forgive this transgression of sorts. From Day One, we put in print aaduna’s position(s:)

The Purpose, Philosophy, and Objectives:

To seek creative visionaries who find refuge and their sense of the world within the complexities and ironies of the written word, as well as those compelling visual images, which are lastingly impressionable…. 

aaduna will embrace novice, and emerging authors and artists who are seeking to expand, transition, or transform the current landscape of literary and artistic thinking.  It invites provocateurs, conceptualists, experimentalists, innovators, as well as traditionalists working within the realm of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and the visual arts…        

 Multicultural and pluralistic in its sensibilities and outlook, aaduna fully realizes that creative people of color, especially those individuals yet unpublished, still require appropriate and viable outlets for their work.  Therefore, aaduna, at its core, is dedicated to providing such a venue for artists of color.  In a proactive manner, aaduna will have a preference for unpublished works from individuals traditionally denied access to a wider and diverse audience. 

Fall 2012 Current Issue Photo: "Corruption of the Modern Snow White" (c) 2012 by Yuge Zhou, Photographer

To complement this primary objective, aaduna embraces the proposition that a growing segment of humanity is rooted in a delicately balanced interconnectedness stemming from family history, genealogy, and social tradition(s).  These dynamics often lead an individual to dwell within and outside of race, birth culture, or ethnicity.  Recognizing this fact, aaduna welcomes all work that addresses multicultural themes and issues, and bolsters human dignity.  

The fall 2012 issue (like the ones before it) is uniquely aaduna.  At its core, it is our sense of the global community; represents our vision of human dignity and respect, and continues to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  This issue is edgy and has a vibrant feel to it.  At least that is our opinion.  You will construct your own assessment based on who you are, your experiences, hopes and aspirations.  And from our seat, that’s cool and the way it should always be.
Our fall 2012 issue has been officially launched.   

Please visit and enjoy!