"Powerfully Compassionate Beyond Ordinary Human Behavior"


As a child, we dream of worlds not yet imagined, of heroines and heroes, of monsters and fantastical feats of power and agility. Then we grow up.   

And we continue to still dream of things that “go bump in the night,” of fantasies and frightening episodes that are replayed in our dream sleep, of accomplishments and achievements, of new worlds waiting for us to explore, of experiences anticipated or already realized, of sheroes and other characters cloaked in real-life or conjecture.


Tamara J. Madison’s recent work, “Threed, This Road Not Damascus” conjures worlds and experiences that are routinely landscaped in dreams and moments of free association. Her powerful use of words, phrases and themes take us to places that we have yet to imagine. To places that prompts us to ponder, reflect and embrace. Her poetic compilation enables the readers to travel back in time and re-imagine a world that was never experienced but after reading her work, fully understood. 

Segmented into three thought provoking parts, Madison grabs our hand and takes us on a journey of understanding through the eyes and wisdom of Three-Breasted Woman. The poems in each section build a dynamic of expectation and wonderment. We travel this pathway. We observe. We thrive and evolve as each poem enhances our internal consciousness and spirit of untapped power. We are emboldened. We seek to understand mysteries and are wrapped in the nuances of poetic storytelling. 

Her poem “Abindigo, for our son” invokes; speaks to our inner spirit, and we grasp for more, the next poem. Turning the page, more to read and digest.


You, conceived in fiery furnace,

Your mama and daddy fanning

Unrelenting flames.

Suddenly, my gate breaks.

Squat and she-wolf howling from a fence,

My hips, the pendulum, swing to reap you.

As your halo tumbles,

A cantata of wounded angels

Bemoans your fretful fall.


“Threed” is an ambitious generational work that rips away pretentiousness and artificiality. And it is a powerful testimony to the brilliance of how an esteemed poet wraps her readers in a state of awe.


Tamara J Madison, aadunanotes blog
Tamara J. Madison (photo credit:  Amanda Diaz)

Tamara J. Madison is an internationally traveled author, poet, editor, and educator. Her most recent work "Threed, This Road Not Damascus" is published by Trio House Press (May 2019). You can find more about her work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @TamaraJMadison or on her website: www.tamarajmadison.com.


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