It’s Gonna Be Nuthin’ But a Party…Partee!

aaduna will launch in the next several days bursting with dynamic voices and stories to tell through poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Visual artists will punctuate the issue with photographs, paintings and a new art pathway that recaptures the past and thrusts it into a new future. 

Eight poets, fourteen writers and three visual artists will compel you to reflect, remember and embrace the complexity and wholeness of life in its diverse and challenging iterations. 

Here are a few peeks from Robert Bharda who resides in Bellevue, Washington, USA; Nada Odeh, a Syrian born artist and writer currently living in Camillus, New York and Dr. Miriam Edelson from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Robert Bharda (photo provided)

 “Beloved Godmother With Her New Ford, Salt Point, NY, 1954," Robert Bharda, Digital Artist (c) 

bill berry, jr., aaduna Inc. CEO/Publisher with Nada Odeh, featured artist exhibition at the Seward House Museum, Auburn, NY (photo credit:  Lisa Brennan, October 5, 2018)

"I Am Syria," artist, Nada Odeh (c)



Dr. Miriam Edelson (photo provided)

Here are the opening paragraphs to Dr. Edelson’s “ Automatic Pilot.”

“Get me out of here! Now!” She cried out each time I arrived at the non-descript institutional doorway. Her dementia had progressed with cruel force and she needed the 24-hour care we could no longer provide at home, especially as my father was now stuck in the hospital for an extended period. At 89 years old, he had been her chief caregiver for many months and was now spent, exhausted and seriously ill.

I did not anticipate the period in which both my parents would be ill and in need of special care. He was seven years older, and we all just assumed she would eventually windup as his caregiver. Today it is all a bit of a blur. I was working long hours at my job as a trade union human rights specialist, with a young, almost teenage daughter to raise. My life was already full when they became ill.  


aaduna is an exclusively volunteer-driven staffed journal. During this period of COVID-19 and social justice actions, we remain keenly sensitive to the time commitments of volunteers as they grapple with personal, family and life issues associated with this global pandemic or challenging an antiquated societal structure. While every step will be implemented to stay on our publication timeframe, delays may be predicated by the disease, an overloaded Internet or life. Contributors and readers will be advised accordingly with updates posted on We appreciate your understanding. With that said….

The party is coming!

Biographies of 2020 double issue contributors and non-fiction work have been formatted and queued for coding on Monday and then placement on the publication platform. We plan to format and queue fiction and poetry starting July 5th. The three visual arts galleries have been platformed.

We are working.


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