When is enough, enough?

When you start using the phrase, “The same old, same old.”

What was once exciting, “like forever,” now bores you.

When you tire of those things that use to give you pleasure and joy

The people, situations, taking care of the needs of others,

Societal cultural ignorance and the stupidity of the educated.

The way the new normal, regardless of stated change, really stays the same.

Enough is enough when disappointments tip the scale towards indifference.

When “the revolution will not be televised”

And when being jaded defines your personality.


came about because
Obama cared.


Hope the person who
gave Trump the nuclear code
had dyslexia


The Karmic Scale of Life

If you own a chicken
and you provide
even the thinnest
layer of chicken wire
between that chicken
and the world
you have changed
the course of history
and gained yourself
great rewards on the 
karmic scale of life

If you have a child
and you provide
even the slightest
amount of affection
between that child
and the world
you have altered
that child's path
and earned yourself
brownie points on the
karmic scale of life

If you have a neighbor
and you provide
even the most basic
common courtesies
to shield that neighbor 
from the 
of this world
you have interrupted
the course of bigotry
and earned yourself
huge dividends on the
karmic scale of life

So go to Home Depot
and buy chicken wire
spoil your children 
with random hugs
and gumdrops
have coffee 
with your neighbors
and pay it 
all the way forward
extend your hand
change the course
of this world.

Denise Bulger (photo provided)

Denise Bulger is a poet living in Auburn, NY. Additional poetry from her will be presented in the forthcoming aaduna 2020 double issue coming at you in May.

* * *

The Space that lies within

devoid of movement, of human interaction, of the complexities of understanding
the albatross of myths and lies and truths beneath the surface
of words scrambled and letters in disarray to form an unspeakable language
of mistrust, hurt and abandonment conjoined by love, affection and matters of the heart
of do not come any closer but embrace my spirit; destroy and vilify what is most precious.

creeps towards an abyss of silence marked by a de/constructive penchant for erasure and not closure, inch by inch

celebrates the disinherited, the loss ones whose paths are strewn with unnecessary obstacles of deceit, who soldier on.
extols the virtue of compassion when no one is looking; of refusing to mock the most vulnerable when tainted by why and do not know and who fathom a life not well lived.
pushes positivity from the farthest regions of the mindset to the frontal lobes of encouragement 
minus the forgetfulness and forgiveness unearned.
paints hues and shades of color not yet invented in the labs of knowledge and discovery.
emboldens the missteps, failures, the you will amount to nothing, the put-downs, the rejection, the hurtfulness intended in a moment of unexplainable anger.
empowers the weakest to rise, stand tall, raise clenched fists, walk a thousand miles in shoes that are left over from pathways twisted by the vines of societal rubbish and dreams deferred.

is a powerful testament to perseverance, taking chances, overcoming, beating the odds, lady luck and all those spaces that hide and squeak, run and hide; play hopscotch, johnny on the pony, or simply tossing the ball of hope to an unforeseen adversary.

The space that lies within is 
rhyme and rhythm, salt ‘n’ pepper, hot and cold, this and that, here or there.
trust me
hate you
love me
slap me silly
tell the truth
white lies,
walk in my shoes

The space
may be false assumptions of invention, self-discovery, an acceptance of what is real or what is fake.
are things important and the fun of silliness; of touching hearts and holding hands with the inner child.
of what matters most, of life defining moments, of courage and what it means to be dedicated, of standing with me and not in front of me. 
The space within is yet to come.

bill berry, jr is bill berry is bill. To know more, seek and you shall find.

Peace out and thank you for celebrating National Poetry Month with aaduna. It is most appreciated even with the invariable ups and downs of posting a diversity of thoughts and themes. It was worth it.

More poetry? The 2020 aaduna double issue is coming in May.

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