Reaching 100!

We were advised this morning that aaduna now has a reading and viewing presence in 100 countries with the addition of Zimbabwe to the roster!

Interestingly, we picked up Egypt and Paraguay earlier this week, and our views/week are also increasing. So, how will we celebrate?

We will continue to do what we started in 2011…provide a publication platform for writers, poets, and visual artists, especially people of color and others who have been traditionally denied access to publishing opportunities due to unnecessary obstacles. We will continue to be multicultural and diverse in outlook and outreach to creative folk. We will continue to remain committed to our Mission, and maintain a supportive, nurturing and empowering spirit and environment for our community of contributors, readers, supporters, and submitters. We will not worry about adding countries (nor have we,) we will worry about how to continue to be vibrant, pertinent and an enhancement to the world of publishing. This is what you can do…

Help us celebrate National Poetry Month and participate in our four for the fourth (commonly referred to as 4x4) initiative. We plan to post 4 poems per day for each day in the fourth month of the year, i.e. April for a total of 120 poems. Here are the details:

One poem/poet

Published or unpublished

Any theme

No age restrictions

No review and decision-making

Poems posted to our official blog each day in April, and then archived when replaced by other poems.

A Selfie or other photo is welcomed to go along with your poem

First come, first served for a slot.  (80 slots remaining as of today)

Submit ASAP and no later than March 12th.

Submission will be acknowledged up to the 120 limit.

Submit poem as a Word.doc, Times New Roman, 12 font size with full name and place of residence (city/State or region/Country)

Poems will be formatted as submitted.


Empower "aadunanotes" to be the platform for you to share your poem with the 100 countries within our current reach.

We thank you for your continued support!

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