The Day After…Oh my!

Okay, we all know the feeling that we have regarding the day after, whether it falls after a nationalholiday or especially Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, or a Birth Day.
Many of us celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday and may still be feeling the aftershocks of our festivities.If you are reading this posting, you already know the best antidote for post celebration ‘blues’ or recovery {whenever that happens} is emersion in reading.And eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation is diabolically sweet, adventurous, and downright enjoyable!!!

When aaduna launched it premier issue, there was Tamara J. Madison.When aaduna conducted its first readings in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, there was Tamara J. Madison.When aaduna launched its first annual fundraiser, there was Tamara J. Madison when aaduna tries to connect members of our publishing family, there is Ms. T. 

Now, on a day after many days, Tamara still stands with aaduna as a contributing editor, valued colleague, trusted adv…