Chocolate City Revisited

If you are hip and in the know, you know where Chocolate City is and why it was so aptly named.  And you may remember the "title" burst on the “mass” public scene in 1975 through the creative efforts of a record company and hipster musicians.
Yeah, 1975. Forty-four years ago, Casablanca Records (if you were into dance/club/disco music there is a Casablanca record harboring dust mite in your vinyl record collection) released a LP from the innovative funk group, Parliament. And while Funkadelic was not associated with that LP, “granddaddy” George Clinton provided rhythm arrangements and vocals along with bassist supreme, Bootsie Collins and keyboards and synthesizers were held down by wizard and funk genius, Bernie Worrell along with a zany bunch of expert musicians.
The music rung true to the essence and spirit of Chocolate City. However, that place was best known to most everyone as Washington, DC…Chocolate City!

So why are we revisiting our “CC?”

That is simple.

Alex Clermont!