Of Words and Images

The special aaduna 2020 double issue will feature a diverse array of tantalizing words transformed and woven into poems, fiction and non-fiction. And those inspiring words will be complemented by poignant visual images that will prompt discovery and reflection. Here are a few excerpts, snippets and teasers from the forthcoming May/June issue.

Timeless Vengeance Libya; 63 B.C. He was arrogant, self-righteous, and claimed to have been sent by the gods. No man that overbearing could possibly have been given a task by the gods. From the moment they met, Anatha knew that he would bring her nothing but trouble. She chose to treat him, nonetheless. Her clay hut looked just as ordinary as the ones around it. There were no mystical talismans, no indiscernible markings, nor any other such thing alluding to any evildoings. Nothing but a humble garden adorned the small house within the Sahara Desert oasis.

- Christella Almonacy

M. E. Mishcon (photo provided)
The wolves are out again. Out …