Bouncing Back with Remembrances

e may be down…but we are not out!

We all know that feeling…thinking that all is lost. Our favored team will lose. We are
not up to the task. 

We are put down. 
Considered out for the count.
But then something happens.
Like a phoenix, we eventually arise from our depths of despair.
We soar. And we become better for the arduous task that we finally overcome.
Simply, from someplace down deep, from the crevices of imagination, we triumph.
Hold on.
It is coming.

lready in our presence is a prior aaduna contributor, Allen Forrest. His visual work has
enthralled our readership and now he brings a poignant combination of words and artwork.

"Indigo Man" is dedicated to blues-man Weldon H. "Juke Boy" Bonner, known as Juke Boy Bonner.
He was one of the most original blues artists and his lyrics spoke of hard times and politics of the day.

Indigo Man (for Weldon “Juke Boy” Bonner)

Trouble all around, trouble morning 'til night, Trouble for the Indigo Man, he don't get no rest.