Six years later…

Tamara J. Madison (photo provided)
In 2011, several poets, writers and artists took a leap of faith and entrusted their work to a newly formed, exclusively online literary and visual arts journal simply called “aaduna.” One such premier issue poet was Tamara J. Madison.

At that time, Ms. Madison who was living in New Jersey and teaching at local colleges, had created “Kentucky Curdled" a poetic sequence based on a true family story of tragedy and death that took place in a small, black, rural community in Kentucky during the early 1900's. aaduna was the first to publish five sequences of “Curdled.”

For the spring 2016 anniversary issue, Tamara, who currently lives in Orlando, Florida where she teaches at Valencia College and Stetson University, returns to aaduna with poems from her work, “Breast Poems,” a collection that was one of four short-listed works in the 2015 Willow Books Literature Award for Poetry. Here is an excerpt:

Declaration to Seths”
Though furiously impassioned,
no weapon, poison, or policy can stand
against the power
of my incantations
steeped in moon blood
glazed with eternal flame.

In the forthcoming spring issue scheduled for launch later this month, Ms. Madison will share the complete “Declaration to Seth” as well as “Loveletter to Osiris,” “S.O.S.,” and “Nativity.”  

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