Dance, Dance, Dance...

We all have other personalities. 

Our public, and then private personas immediately come to mind. 

As you know, we probably present one or more of these identities at appropriate times to deal with particular environments or situations.  More importantly, these visages enable us to explore other dimensions of ourselves without distraction and possibly unnecessary comment. 

Veronica Ramos (aaduna’s web designer) toils at other endeavors in addition to graphic design, illustration, and crafting web sites.  Under her stage name Utopia, she will make her professional deejay debut at Crave Lounge, 429 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY on February 26.  The affair, a Celebration of Life, will be from 5 PM – 5 AM, and there are other deejays that will play.  Utopia will open the event and play her set until 6:30 PM.  If you are in the area, support her.  There is no admission charged from 5 -7 PM.  However, be prepared, house and classic club music will prevail, and aficionados of those genres are especially welcome; this event is sponsored by FaceTheBassLive.