Did You Have a Good Weekend?

In celebration of the NAACP’s 102 Anniversary, as well as African American History Month, the local Auburn chapter hosted a Saturday afternoon celebration of 22 distinguished African Americans who made significant contributions to the City of Auburn and Cayuga County.  Hosted by chapter president, Eliezer Hernandez (aaduna Board of Advisor member), the event recognized a diverse group of individuals including Sean McLeod, a member of the aaduna Board.  With an impromptu invitation to speak specifically about aaduna, I made remarks that the audience embraced since the aaduna Call flyer was in the hands of most attendees during the reception.  I also had the opportunity to talk to a few attendees about their writing, and encouraged several people to submit.  

Later Saturday evening, I saw a rousing, joyous, and uplifting theatrical production presented by the Auburn High School Musical Club.  aaduna supported the cast and crew of All Shook Up, inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley, by placing a half-page ad in the production’s program.

High Falls Visitor Center, Rochester, NY - BOA honorary member, Sally Wood Winslow's "home away from home"
On Sunday afternoon, Lisa and I attended a reception for exhibitions, In Between 2 Worlds, Thaw: Hot & Cold, and Pressing Issues: Letterpress Art at the Art Gallery of the Center at High Falls in Rochester, NY. Honorary BOA member, Sally Wood Winslow directs the Gallery and Center.  Besides keeping Call flyers visible at the information desk, Sally will put me in contact with artists who may want to assist aaduna’s development (Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. and Roberta Rainey).  “Twas” a cultural weekend that once again proved that the realm of creativity is a vibrant and necessary ingredient for human development.  

In closing, however you may recognize the day or not, may love caress your every sinew and fiber, and may you return the love that you receive to others. 

Have a gracious and festive Valentine’s Day.