aaduna Board of Advisors Meet...Urban Monks "Signify"!

aaduna Board of Advisors meeting June 27, 2011
Last night at 6 PM, the aaduna Board convened for their second meeting of the year.  I provided an expedited Publisher's Report since months ago I inadvertently scheduled a same night session with a decade old poetry workshop (Urban Monks, a multi-cultural group dedicated to expanding their creative talents through poetry ) at the Auburn Correctional Facility, and my clearance was approved earlier during the day.  I had to be at the facility by 6:30 PM for check-in, so Lisa Brennan conducted the meeting until an official Chair was elected. 

left to right: Pat Clark, Ellen Blalock, Walt Aikman, Eli Hernandez, David Bergan, Billye Chabot, Sheila Applegate

The Board approved the following agenda items: March 7 Minutes, the By-Laws as presented with the stipulation that needed changes would occur in the next few weeks for their review and ratification, and officers were elected (Dave Bergan, Chair; Patricia Clark, Vice-Chair; Billye Chabot, Treasurer, and Walt Aikman, Secretary). 

BOA elected Chairman/President: David Bergan (left)
& BOA member, Eli Hernandez
I will clarify aaduna's vision and cast it in the context of a 3-5 year strategic plan for their review and discussion.  Prior to the fall meeting, I will update the Board on a pending grant application, IRS status, and our search engine optimization initiative as further details warrant advisement. 

While several of the Urban Monks submitted poetry for aaduna's consideration, last night's workshop was a spoken word delight and poetry jam!  Each of the twelve workshop participants (attendance flunctuates depending on what is occurring in the facility), presented a diverse range of work that carried the resonance of hip-hop rhythms and Jamaican and Latino cadence.  Particpants expected me to read so I presented two poems, "Wishing/Eulogy" and "Wishing II U".  During the break, I answered questions about aaduna and our philosophies.  It was a good experience for everyone involved especially me.  Much thanks goes to poet and playwright Patricia Schwartz for the invitation and her guidance through the process of gaining official ACF clearance, as well as her 10 year association with the Urban Monks as their workshop facilitator and mentor.