This Past Weekend...I guess it is now over...

While there was not sufficient time to vigorously promote aaduna, the personal time in
Washington, DC, Alexandria, and Arlington, VA was festive and celebratory. 

Mrs. Theresa (Penalver) Berry, Happy 90th Birthday Mom!
My Mom, Theresa Berry, celebrated her 90th Birth Day on Friday.  She was feted at a lunch and dinner on her Birth Day in Arlington. 
Lisa and Cheryl

Isis, Veronica, Allen
The family luncheon at Indigo Landing Restaurant in Alexandria on Saturday had her surrounded by two of her five grandchildren (Isis [my daughter] and Chanelle [Cheryl's daughter]), three of her children (Veronica and her partner Allen, Cheryl, and myself and my wife, Lisa), as well as a close family friend, Valerie.  The after party continued at her home in Arlington with card games, conversation, and general good cheer. 

On Sunday morning, Mrs. B had the opportunity to visit Arlington National Cemetery where her husband of over 52 years is buried.  That event as been an annual tradition since 1995 the year my Dad passed.  While family was in from San Diego, CA; Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn, NY, and Auburn, NY, throughout the weekend, Mom had congratulatory telephone calls from other family members and close friends.  Notwithstanding the area's humid and hot weather, it was a good weekend.  And there was talk of the big party for her  100th Birth Day. 

After this brief “vacation”, aaduna work rears its head.  Two of the galleries will open on Friday, and some submission decisions for the October 3rd issue will start to go out this week.  While the submission period remains open until June 30, we remain committed to getting publication decisions out as early as possible and on a rolling basis. 

We are also trying to make financial support for aaduna easier.  More info on that initiative will come later.  

Enjoy your week and whatever it may bring to you.