Teasing the bill berry way...

bill berry, jr. to share his poetry in aaduna's upcoming 1st Anniversary Issue!

HERE IS A SAMPLING of what's to come ...

You Really Got a Hold On Me…with apologies to William Robinson, Jr.

Your touch spews rancor across time and space
Nestling in disjointed crevices of decay and hurt
Making me wonder how you morphed into an acrid chill of remorse and disinterest.

Your touch erupts like a banshee intent on scorching the last remnant of hope
Removing any vestige of time and place and memory
Making me wonder why I let your presence drift through the fissure of my wisdom. 

Your touch caresses my insanity making it wholesome and endearing
A wisp of fragrance to smother my thickened tongue unable to enunciate my heart
Making me wonder when you abandoned the ripe succulent pangs of desire and want.  

Copyright © 2012 William E. Berry, Jr.

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