Teasing: Fournier is in the house!

Listen to commentary by Collette V. Fournier, who photographed Katrina-affected people and homes in several New Orleans neighborhoods, including the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans East, Gentilly, and Algiers.

Collette V. Fournier brings her keen eye and perspective to the First Anniversary Issue by exhibiting photographs from her recent trip to Ghana, where she chronicled a variety of themes.  A member of Kamoinge Inc., a noted African American photography collective, Collette is a SOROS fellow for her photographic work in Louisiana, post hurricane Katrina.  Known affectionally as "Co", Fournier has  been a photographer for New York area newspapers and currently is an adjunct professor and campus photographer at a community college in the State University of New York system.   

Check out her photographs in aaduna on February 28th.