I Am White

I am White.

I am not unproud of it.

Even here I can’t say I’m proud of it or people immediately put white sheets on you. I am White. At least, by American government standards when you have to fill in the bubble. My family has Native American blood inserted somewhere. That doesn’t count, though. For all intents and purposes, I am as White and European as John Smith. Hell, John Smith may as well be my father.

I am white. I am Irish, German, French, Scotch, Welsh. White. But that’s only on the side that cared enough to trace lineage. I’m sure the whole continent of Europe – East and West – is represented in my single white composition. I’m sure that there are drops of Black somewhere, but I can’t claim that. They won’t let me. That’s worse than claiming Native American. I can’t be Native. I can’t be Black. I can’t be Asian. I can’t be Latin. They won’t have me. Therefore, I am White.

I am not a racist.

I am nervous

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  1. It was a good story

  2. Ami Danett writes his truth. From his sea of mind revelation he asks what if someone founded the NAAWP, White History Month, etc. Also, what if whites called themselves Anglo-Saxon American or the relative equivalent. Well, if the NAAWP advocates civil rights in all communities, fair and equal opportunities for all, and works to engage everyone to exercise their right to vote, then the members can simply join the NAACP. If White History Month will be utilized to acknowledge and honor the overlooked and not well-known achievements of White Americans in all endeavors in history, use Black History Month as the template. Black people have had several terms draped upon them over the years, such as negro, colored, Afro-American, African-American, none of which I recall giving to myself. However, it would not be so bad if White Americans want to call themselves anything other than White. The story "I Am White" brings light to readers about the thoughts,dilemmas, responses and attitudes many have toward Black people distinguishing themselves. Thank you Ami.


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