A Celebration of Images & Words in Seneca Falls, NY

For the 2012 Seneca County Arts Council (SCAC) Annual Members Only Themed Art Show (with this year’s theme being “Between the Lines,”) a call went out to writers to invite them to develop a piece of writing inspired by or reflecting the imagery of the artwork.  As the written pieces hung adjacent to the artwork that inspired the words, writers read their work at the exhibition’s Opening Reception on April 27th from 5:30 -7:00 PM.

bill berry selected two works, "Between the Lines" and "Morning Ritual" for his poetic inspirations.  His readings were videotaped by Lisa Brennan, aaduna’s visual arts editor.   

The show at the Art Council Gallery, located at 109 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY, will run through mid-May.  The gallery is open from 10 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday and 10 Am – 1 PM on Saturday.      

View LIVE poetry reading #1:
 "Read between the Lines and..."
 by bill berry, jr :


"Read Between The Lines"  - Lynn Patti, Artist
Read between the Lines and…

My happiness is woven into the cracked seams and nuances of my leather pouch the way dirt shifts endlessly as it is raked for a garden of rebirth and renewal.

My happiness is nurtured by your ebb and flow, our unspoken words that know what should be known and when it should be revealed just as nature knows when to retreat and come again.

My happiness grasps at the silliest of moments and private faux pas occurrences that binds one to another as winged creatures to a hive.

My happiness is private and isolated, a raucous celebration of what is, has been, and what is to come as it floats over repeated transgressions, discordance, and hurt.

My happiness is etched into the sinews and veins of your being, pulsating with an abundance of joy and forgiveness that radiates what is/was our coupling. 

My women folk have always told me to “read between the lines” but happiness creates its own spaces and stops and periods and crisscrossed stitches that may be misplaced and done wrong but who cares because it is my happiness.

My happiness has permeated every nook and cranny of our house and it will remain there like mildew smeared across the totality of my life…house and life empty, but happy.    
Copyright © 2012 by William E. Berry, Jr.

View LIVE poetry reading #2:
 by bill berry, jr :

"Morning Ritual" - Abby Gazley, Artist

This is home.
Release. Rest. Rejuvenate.
Shifting through mindless thoughts
Sorting through the day’s worries
Remembering all that is precious…
firstborns, first times and coming of age cycles of limitless possibilities.

This is home.
Where you belong.
Getting up on the down stroke long before Parliament/Funkadelic and those exquisite rituals of ballroom Guy Lombardo wannabes.  Bringing it like Cab Calloway to hi de ho my ecstasy.
Embrace. Cuddle. Blur my lines between this ‘n’ that and whispers of endearment or shameless challenge.

This is home.
Energized. Sanitized. Compromised.
Scrap-booking words that can never be taken back and watching seasons come and go.
No syncopated cadence, rhymes, structure or rules.
Imagination squeezing through bars of conformity, keeping it real; marking what is yours and yours alone.

Get Up on the Down Stroke.

For this is Home.

Copyright © 2012 by William E. Berry, Jr.


  1. Wonderful! Lovely tributes to love, home, and joy.

  2. The word choice in each piece is incredible. "Read Between the lines..." has subtext on top of subtext "...that binds one to another as winged creatures to a hive."
    "Home" lets me enjoy Black American culture from many angles, especially musically. I know about the down stroke.
    Everybody, get up!!
    Beautiful work Bill. You take me to school everytime.


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