This is how aaduna rolls...

To their credit, I have known executives at one or two online literary journals that aggressively pursued Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) membership as soon as their first issue launched. Their aggressiveness and operational processes taught me that CLMP imprimatur was, and is worth, seeking. That acceptance brings a degree of legitimacy, officialdom, and is an extremely valuable added designation.

So, what did I do with aaduna?

I waited.

I do not think my waiting was a result of arrogance, timidity, apprehension or even a fear of rejection. I was after something else spurned by the aaduna Mission and philosophical objectives.

I wanted sufficient time to build a community of global writers and artists who could feel and experience an affinity with aaduna simply because we treated our published poets, writers and visual artists with respect. I wanted those artists to experience our actuality, grounded and seeded in our commitment to them as we gave real life manifestation(s) to our philosophical statements. We wanted and probably needed aaduna’s evaluation to be driven by record of accomplishment and documentable achievements and not by what we could have easily stated as what we planned to do.

Therefore, after publishing five issues (at least,) we sought CLMP designation. We wanted to be assessed on a body of work and not just one issue. Does that make a difference? Make us better than our collegial entities? I suspect probably not, at least not in the totality of critical, pressing global and national issues. However, in a world of artificial immediacy; wanting whatever it is that you want delivered to you now, and promises and dreams never fulfilled, it makes a difference…to me, to us, and maybe even to you.

aaduna is now a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

We are grateful for their invitation and we will strive to be a valued member.

‘Nough said.