aaduna's SECOND ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: The Poets - Shana Haydock!

April is National Poetry Month. 

The best way for aaduna to celebrate this recognition is to kick off the promotion of our Second Anniversary 2013 Issue with 'short takes' from the poets that will be featured in that issue scheduled for launch at the end of this month. 

Here's a poem from Shana Bulhan Haydock:
here and there

the day we eat pitiful sambhar & idli
in downtown Northampton i decide
i must learn to romance dim yellow.

“i miss you even more much”

even now these clothes thwart--
at some point the novelty wears off and
i am foreign, foreign again.

i will try to write smaller & smaller
& stay here for the odd clothes,
the books, the fabric, the shoes,
the knick-knacks, the kitsch,
the expensive coffee shops,
the delicious desserts i can't afford
which the doctor tells me not to eat
(but never as good as gulab jamuns)
& the better hearing aid care. That.

there is perhaps resignation
"i come back to india where i belong"
but perhaps also joy

is it easier to die (live) here or there?

Check out more of Shana's work later this month in the Second Anniversary issue.


  1. Nice poem.
    Om Thanvi

  2. Really nice. Aptly crafted something I can also relate to... Keep up the good work. Shana!!

  3. I liked the poem, and am impressed with the skillful use of silence and ellipses.
    Asad Zaidi


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