Is Life Better Without Poetry?

You already know that April is National Poetry Month.  You also know that aaduna uses this month to celebrate the poets who will grace the Second Anniversary issue.  

A person who can answer our question without thought or mico-seconds of hesitancy is Lyn Lifshin Enjoy this poem and watch for her additional work in aaduna's upcoming issue!


you'll see me in Celtic
jewels, in tapestries,
carvings. I'm there in
the most gorgeous leaves,
echoes of my feathers
are in the swirl of rivers.
When you hear the
beauty of wings, what I
touched is touched again.
I run with the horse
goddess, with the swans,
the bull, those women,
half women, half ghostly
bird, a reminder of
strength and courage.
You will find me in your
dreams some night
it begins to snow just
after a full moon, my
feathers on your deck the
first night impatiens
wilt in the freeze. Just let
what has been closed
in you open to feeling, let
intuition unfold like a
bruise blue tulip


  1. This is so visual and musical I read it several times aloud. Ms. Lifshin, I thank you.


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