Did You Know That May Is Short Story Month?

We celebrated April as National Poetry Month, so now it is May...Short Story Month.  You know we are going to kick it up a few notches.

Lindsey Ferrentino

Here is a short take from Lindsey Ferrentino's "Dragon Woman" premiered in aaduna's Second Anniversary 2013 issue.  The full story ia available at www.aaduna.org

"How she had wanted this house to be hers. Back then, she’d pictured her mom bustling in the kitchen, her dad playing racquetball with her and her sister out in the yard, all smiles and dirty knees. Now, in her mind, she lived here with Rick. He’d work and bring home a few pounds of crab from the local fish market. They’d take beach chairs, beer, and melted butter to the water’s edge, sitting in the shade of the dragon, eating with their hands, tossing the emptied shells into the riverbed. They’d kiss in between bites and laugh when Rick dropped butter on his shirt, leaving a permanent trail of stains that had the vague resemblance of a star. They’d eventually shed their clothes, swim in the night’s mud-black water, and sleep naked under a blanket on the concrete floor of the dragon. Hollis would wake before him and laugh privately, an inside joke she’d discover with herself, as she watched the sun stand up on the water through the window in the dragon’s eyes, living in the house of her childhood fantasies, watching Rick’s soft, hairy body shift in sleepy silence.
What more...visit www.aaduna.org; click on Current Issue, and then Fiction. 


  1. I love Lindsey Ferrentinos writing. She has the best characters. I've seen a production of her play in LA and read her short stories. THE ONE IN NY MAGAZINE IS FABULOUS TOO.
    -Leslie Greff, SF, Cali

  2. Lindsey Fennentino’s scenes, characters, and dialogue are very realistic. You feel that you are somewhere nearby watching and listening to them. Very well written.



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