Just a reminder...WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE STAND...aaduna.

As the publisher, my colleagues and I have always felt that aaduna must  embrace and publish the “voices” of people of color, disenfranchised creative people, and the full array of other poignant writers and artists who express ideals that define, challenge and celebrate the entire range of human emotions and beliefs. 

aaduna is multicultural in purpose, attitude and belief; diverse and pluralistic in publishing practice with a proven track-record, and globally driven while maintaining a focus on local and regional expressions.  Our ambition continues to be to create a welcoming environment where creative people can experiment, challenge, conform, or try something different in a safe and nurturing ambiance.  Artist driven and focused, aaduna is a safe harbor for creativity. 

You may doubt our intent. 

If that is the case, discover the writers and artists we have published; read and see their work.  Creativity and intent can readily stand any challenge.  Visit aaduna.org and peruse the archives.  Watch for the next issue.  We are mind changers and attitude adjusters. More importantly…we humbly practice what we preach.         

At aaduna, we understand that the world is huge, diverse, often rankled by artificial and contrived divisions, and extremely quirky in its attitudes.      

At aaduna, we also believe that given a fair and equitable chance, all people regardless of ethnicity, culture, socio-economic and political persuasion can embrace a commonality of spirit, kinship, collaboration and even civil debate.  These characteristics comprise the village that we are creating.  Moreover, that village is who we are…simply, aaduna.

bill berry, jr.

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aaduna si dofa rey (the world is huge) !