News from Tamara J. Madison

Tamara J. Madison
Greetings aaduna community! 

Let me begin by saying congratulations on the success of aaduna! I am excited about the wealth and range of work that I am seeing on the site and the amazing and hardworking artists that are a part of it.  I am also honored to be a part of the aaduna community!

I was humbled, surprised, and grateful when aaduna first published my work.  It was work that I considered to be very risky but important. I also knew that many publishers would not wish to take such risks and/or that it simply would not reflect their platform or meet the interests of their readers. aaduna welcomed me with open arms, supported my vision of the work, and supported me graciously as an independent artist.  It has encouraged and inspired me to the extent of moving forward and self-publishing. 

I am delighted to share that the work first published by aaduna is now HOT OFF THE PRESS and FRESH FROM THE STUDIO!  Kentucky Curdled, a poetic sequence based on a family story, shares the story of a mother’s madness, a child lost, a community mourning, and a poet laying it all to rest.  The paperback features both the poetic sequence and an intimate essay about the creation of the collection.  I am offering a special discount code (C5LKPXSX) to aaduna members for 20% off for a limited time!

Kentucky Curdled is currently available as a FREE PROMOTION for Kindle readers but the clock is ticking on countdown with only 2 days left!  

For those who prefer to listen to their books, the audiobook features the poetry exclusively with creative sound design and effects.  It is currently available on CD Baby and is the perfect blend of performance poetry, spoken word, and storytelling for both poetry and fiction lovers!