aaduna is Gearing Up for…

No, we are not talking about the Winter Olympics or the new host of NBC’s late night talk show.  I guess we do have opinions about both events.  Nevertheless, let us move on to what we consider "more pertinent literary news."

Theodora Ravago, Web Designer (photo provided)
We are getting ready to present the third anniversary issue of aaduna.  With grant support from the Sovereign Foundation, the web site is being re-designed by Syracuse, New York based web site designer, Theodora Ravago. This anniversary issue will officially re-open the visual arts galleries premiering images from an artist  based in Trinidad-Tobago and also featuring new work from former contributors based in Paris, France and Warrenton, Oregon. 

We will promote and publicize the artists and writers featured in the next issue in a week or so.  Check back with “aadunanotes”…more information is on its way!  Now, besides the anniversary issue, here is more news.

aaduna, Inc. with grant support from the Council on Literary Magazines and Presses is starting to organize two fundraising events that will be scheduled for the late spring of this year. The plan is to have an event in New York City and the other in Auburn, New York.  To complement these affairs, we will look for financial support from our readership, contributors, followers and people who enjoy the availability of literature and visual images made easily accessible.   

 Do you like what we're doing?  

If so, please consider what this online publication means to you. aaduna needs your financial contribution to make the light at the end of this year’s tunnel so much brighter! Come walk with us as we journey on the road to self-sufficiency one-step at a time...think about what aaduna has meant to you, and plan to contribute what you feel is right for you. I will let you know more details about your giving in the next several weeks.  Just keep in mind, we are a registered non-profit and a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  

We need your support and encouragement.

Updates on the next issue and selected contributors will start to flow in the next several days. As the R&B group, the Temptations said, "Get Ready."  


Look out, for here we come!