aaduna announces Contributors to the winter/spring 2014 anniversary issue!

We thought you might be interested in the creative folks we are presenting for your reading enjoyment and eventual sharing and discussions with friends, family and associates.  The winter/spring 2014 issue proudly presents the following writers and artists:


from Berkeley, California
Erika Donald

out of Strongsville, Ohio
Christine M. Donofrio

hanging in San Diego, California
Christopher H. Gorrie

settled in Bethesda, Maryland
Shelby Settles Harper

from Hong Kong
Dr. Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee

relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and returning to aaduna
Tamara J. Madison

out of North Java, New York
Edward Mendes

residing in San Jose, California
Noorulain Noor

living in Richmond, Indiana
Joann Quiñones

residing in Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Ernest Williamson, III

out of Tilton, Illinois:
Dennis R. Boyd, Jr.

residing in The Bronx, New York:
B. Lynn Carter

living in Bethesda, Maryland:
Shelby Settles Harper

from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:
Anuradha Rao

from Stafford, Virginia:
May Clare

Visual Images:
residing in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Manya S. Goldstein

from Paris, France once again
Ivan de Monbrison

from Warrenton, Oregon returning
David H. Roche 

from Trinidad & Tobago
Danielle Boodoo- Fortuné

Over the next few days, we will present excerpts about these contributors or their work  You can start to spread the word and put these posts on your social media outlets.  aaduna's winter/spring 2014 third anniversary issue is coming...soon.   Let's go viral!