Announcing the aaduna summer 2014 issue Contributors

Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY ~ August 2014  Photo By:  Lisa Brennan

The following individuals will have their work featured in aaduna’s upcoming
Volume 4, No. 2 issue:  (Scheduled to launch this month!)


Chrystal Berche                        Osage, IA

Persecution Avenue                  Baltimore, MD

Olivia Lin DeLuca                     Levittown, PA

William Bretton Hodge              Fortville, IN

Mike Jurkovic                            Wallkill, NY

Natasha Knight                         Green River, WY

Joyce Miller                               Cincinnati, OH

Judita Pamfil                             Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Sarah Wyman                            Rosendale, NY


Tom Backer                               Erlanger, KY

Millie Chapman                         Nashville, TN

TD Flenaugh                             Los Angeles, CA

Matt Gillick                               Reston, VA

Austin Morgan                          Jasper, IN

Mike Murray                             Cambridge, MA


Chrystal Berche                         Osage, IA

Jeffrey Lee Graham                   San Francisco, CA

Judita Pamfil                              Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

 We will be  introducing each of our contributors and sharing "teasers" throughout the next several days!  

Stay tuned!