Introducing Jeffrey Lee Graham…aaduna summer 2014 Contributor

"My Reaction to Despair Volume I" - Digital Book by Jeffrey Lee Graham, aaduna featured artist Volume 4, Issue 2
The aaduna family continues to mourn the tragic passing of Robin Williams, a stellar comedic and dramatic talent and exemplary human being. We do not believe or support pandering or hitching our wagon to a situation that should remain private and sacred. With that said we are taking the rare position to share our decision and behind the scenes talk as we decided to publish an intriguing piece of creative work. Our decision-making timeline is critically important for our readership.

On March 29th, Mr. Graham submitted his work to aaduna, and Keith Leonard, our submissions manager, responded, “…I find your work to have a residual power, lingering presence and intriguing affect and have sent it on to our visual arts editor, publisher and a few other reviewers. [Yeah, I jumped started the process.]”

On March 31st, Keith once again communicated with Mr. Graham and stated in part, “We want to publish your work in our summer 2014 issue. Interestingly, everyone found your work to be powerful, provocative and poignant...a piece that can encourage honest dialogue and contemplation.”

On March 31st, we sent the Publication Letter of Agreement to Mr. Graham with the intent of publishing his work in the summer 2014 issue. He accepted our publication offer.

That is the background.

Jeffrey Lee Graham’s work is entitled “My Reactions to Despair.”

Without awareness of Mr. Graham’s work and through “messaging” with the spirit of Robin Williams, an aaduna Board member who is a licensed therapist in the mental health field, and in service as a Spiritual Seer offered a free public webinar to freely discuss and share the dynamics surrounding depression and suicide in light of the Robin Williams passing. We suspect despair may be the initial stage or warning signs of this deadly disease…depression.

Experience Mr. Graham’s creative book, “My Reactions to Despair” in the summer issue. And please take the time to embrace and support your family, friends and associates who struggle everyday to overcome what they may feel is a hopeless situation. Your helping hand and unsolicited kindness can save a life, lift someone up, and invigorate another’s spirit that needs a heartfelt word and show of support and caring. 

 Stay creative,