Jasper, IN, Cincinnati, OH, and Levittown, PA…summer 2014 issue…Imagine that, Jasper and Cincinnati and Levittown!

There are writers and poets who craft intriguing stories and verses that find a vacant space in our brain; crawl in oh so quietly; just sit there…without sound or movement …enabling us to feel our latent reactions; shape argumentative opinions, and wish we could hear more words from them. 

Here is [Jasper’s] Austin Morgan’s short story excerpt taken from “Julie Templeton and the Automatic Orchestra,” followed by a snippet from [Cincinnati’s] Joyce Miller’s poetry and closing out with an excerpt from [Levittown's] Olivia Lin Deluca's
"Pure Bliss."  Enjoy!

Austin shares,

            He could nearly feel himself flying, as if he would look down and see the tips of his sneakers levitating from the pavement.  Heart on flight in his boney chest, excitement oh-so riveting, unlike anything he had ever felt before.

          Maybe it had been the sunrise that he had just witnessed from the top of those bleachers.  The horizon exploding into a haze of colors, lifetimes…a day all its own, if only to last a few moments.

          Maybe it had been the shocks of excitement that Andre’s thin body seemed to be coursed with, as if his nerves were alive and dancing the Bossanova beneath his tanned summer flesh.

          No, it was none of these things.

          It was a she.

          He knew her name.

          And it was, as it always had been…

….Julie Templeton


Here is a sampling from Joyce Miller’s poem, “CONFESSION:

You have to wait your turn.  Nobody can
See.  It’s private.  But they know you
Linear, standing behind, in front of them.

When the circular door at the end
unseals and it’s your turn
to go in you take the vacated
spot on the kneeler in the draped cubical.

Outside in the light with an ear
against the cubical
where the kneeler is, a person
with a face reacting in public
to what you say, is shaking
his head.

We shared three stanzas; you will have to wait to read the fourth and final one, as well as her other two poems in Vol. 4, No. 2 – the summer issue.


Here is the first three stanzas of Olivia Lin DeLuca’s poetic work,

“Pure Bliss:”

Let the land open in a field of spring,
lotuses, tulips, daisies, and irises
compose a picture of serenity.

The soft-spoken are heard outside their shells.
A window leads to another world of sound and sight.
Like Buddha, compassion is all that’s left.

Nature survives amongst the heavens.
Radiance vibrates throughout everything we see,
like a beauty its rawness, a truth in all of us.

The summer issue is coming with the rest of DeLuca’s ‘Pure Bliss.”

Morgan, Miller, and DeLuca are worth waiting for…Jasper, Cincinnati and Levittown are waiting with you.  Imagine that!!!