Look Out for Jurkovic and Knight and Wyman in the next aaduna issue!

Here is a brief excerpt from Mike Jurkovic’s poem,
“Talking w/Roberta about the Civil War”

I'm getting out of here

no matter how many

kings or clowns

stand in my way.

This two-crayon country

is close to war

and the South has more weapons

this time. More trigger happy rebels

than the last time

we in the North

supposedly won.

Intrigued as to where this poem goes? Vol. 4, No.2 is coming…summer is not over yet! And what about this two-crayon country???

Natasha Knight weaves magic and enchantment in her poem “Wonder,” Here is a snippet:


I used to hear the fairies wings fly through my backyard but now the grass is silent as still as a tree. 

I used to see the dragon hiding in the tree, playfully nipping me as I climbed, but now the dragon has left me and I sit there all alone.

I used to dance with the elves underneath the bright moonlight, our joyful laughter echoing all night long. But now the elves are hiding, though all night I search for them.
Do you ever wonder about what YOU used to hear, see or dance to?!

Think about that for a moment.

Sarah Wyman understands the themes that create treasured moments in our lives. Enjoy the first stanza from her “Squaring the Circling Way” coming in aaduna's next issue.

No photos exist for those days,

the ones leaning into each other

as our bodies sought out spaces

where we both could be

and old lives fell away as old ways will

when the stretch into new

forms a view on the world.

Look for Mike, Natasha, and Sarah in the summer issue,

Vol.4, No. 2