aaduna Board brings 2014 to a close...

aaduna Board of Directors (left to right)   Ellen Blalock, Billye Chabot, Madelaine Whalen (summer intern) Sheila Applegate, Bill Berry, Sean McLeod, Walt Aikman, Lisa Brennan

On Monday evening, September 15th, the aaduna Board of Directors convened to hear and discuss the state of aaduna, analysis of the spring 2014 fundraisers, future capacity building plans, 2015 fundraising options, as well as plans to celebrate 2015 as the fifth year of publishing aaduna.  The Board also heard and discussed marketing initiatives, new features for “aaduna notes” and received a first hand account of the summer’s internship initiatives.

aaduna BOD members:  Sheila Applegate, Billye Chabot, Sean McLeod

This annual meeting concluded another year of exemplary service, guidance, and support from Board members.  They have our heartfelt thanks.  And if you do not know our Board, please visit www.aaduna.org and click on “Meet the Team.”