I am enjoying this...wanna try?

(c) 2014 Portrait by Harry Tiefenbach, Artist
When was the last time you had a conversation with someone where you enjoyed the interaction, the give and take, the sharing, the intimacy? 

I am so pleased that Judita Pamfil took the time to chat with me.  While I knew some things about Judita due to our "back 'n' forth" short e-mails in preparation for aaduna's publishing of  her poetry and artwork, her willingness and graciousness to engage me in further, intentional conversation gave me several moments of delight. 

I invite you to read what we had to say to each other, and hope that you reach out and have a real conversation with someone you want to chat with.   

Oh, here is a little tidbit that I have never mentioned in public. 

Judita sent me an unsolicited 2013 first edition copy of her book of poems, "Moon Songs."  After reading her work, I immediately reached out to her and asked (and hoped and wanted) her to submit work to aaduna.  The rest is as folks say, "herstory."  

READ our Conversation on our aaduna website:  

Enjoy Judita Pamfil!   

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