The winners of the November FREE aaduna tee-shirt campaign are:

Christina R. of Las Vegas, NV

Heidi N. of Auburn, NY

Peter L. of Dakar, Senegal

Shirts will be mailed to them later this week.



Here are the questions  ANSWERS (with a clue thrown in here ‘n’ there) and the first clue is that all three questions pertain to the summer2014 issue only:      (

#1.       The following lines are from what poem?
            For this town was our world:
            a lake, a dog chasing down a piece of tree.
             ANSWER:  "Squaring the Circling Way" by Sarah Wyman 

                                         Read Poem Here

#2.       Who or what is the “Wild Goose” and what story is this reference found in?

             ANSWER:   The "Wild Goose" is a bar in the short story,
"Fear," written by Tom Backer.  Read Story Here 

#3.       Who makes “digital collages about being human?”
             ANSWER:  Jeffrey Lee Graham created a digital collage to express what it means to be human.  View digital collage Here

Didn't participate?  You can with the forthcoming fall/winter 2014 issue scheduled to launch in the next few weeks!