Flying Under the Radar…good or bad?

“Medina Kids,” by Enrico Gaveglia (©

As aaduna, Inc. looks to its fifth year of publishing aaduna in 2015, we are pondering and reflecting on how we conduct business.  What do I mean? 

Well, we avoid doing the self-aggrandizing promotions that a variety of online publications put in the public arena.  We do not publish testimonials.  We put our contributors first, and always position them in front of the public’s eye, keeping the journal in a secondary but important role.  We tell the story about who we are solely in requested interviews.  We make a conscious attempt to grow our influence on a grassroots effort, one person at a time, one community at a time, one country at a time. 

OK, we do try to “blow up” the number of countries where the aaduna community has a readership and have made no pretentions about our goal of being in every country on the globe.  And even with that, until we are able to publish in multiple languages that goal may be unreachable.  So, I simply share that we just added Bohemia located in Central Europe, most notably sited in the contemporary Czech Republic with its capital in Prague. With that said, here’s the deal.   

aaduna is a multi-cultural place for poets, writers, artists, and other creative people who believe that by sharing one’s artistic work with the public that singular effort enhances understanding, knowledge, and awareness of the human condition and its perplexities for all of us.  If we can achieve that stance best by flying “under the radar” then we will continue to do just that.  Why? 


WE are aaduna.     

And it really is that simple.    

Stay creative,


  1. Thanks, Enrico! We hope you are doing well and appreciate your art contribution to aaduna's current issue.

    Stay well,


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