Kat Kruse, a real cool name!

We always like names that are mysterious enough that you really don’t know what that name actually represents.  Let’s be real…I mean is Kat Kruse the name of a luxury yacht, a hip boutique hotel in a fun city, a destination spot in the Caribbean, the name of the latest after hours club for the trendy set, a modernistic tattoo etched across someone’s lower back?

Knowing that this is aaduna, you probably surmise that the name is somehow connected to a literary or artistic genre. Well, in aaduna's forthcoming issue, you will find out all about Kat Kruse. Here is an excerpt from her fiction work, "Rashad Sees the Future" to whet your appetite:

A respected neighbor had read Rashad’s palm when he was two. The seer proclaimed loneliness, obesity and longing, though no one ever told the boy. At sixteen, fair-skinned and surrounded by friends, his parents shipped him off to America to live with a cousin. They wanted to spare themselves the pain of watching his fate unravel, though at the time, they said things that Rashad believed about opportunity and sound choices.

This month, you will be able to read the entire story and be delightfully surprised. 

Kathryn Kruse…coming at you soon in aaduna's upcoming issue, scheduled to launch within the next 10 days.  I know you can’t wait!

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