Kickin’ It with Spoken Word!

The vibrancy…the whoops and hollers of the audience mingled with bursts of spontaneous applause, slightly embarrassed by the raucous laughter and high fives obscuring the view of the stage…the raw gut-wrenching energy that rips through your brainwaves and tosses hot coals on the fire that is raging in your heart and soul…the passion of the poet spitting verses that takes you back to the basics of human understanding and relationships….

aaduna remains committed to presenting spoken word artists whose love of language is matched by their ability to weave words and formulate human situations into complex statements about Life.

Several months ago, a member of the aaduna family (Christine Green, poet/writer and driving force and soul behind Words on the Verge, a reading series convened in Brockport, NY) created the pathway for aaduna to meet poet, novelist, and spoken word aficionado and playa, Tearz.


This young master of intertwining and interlocking words and phrases will be in aaduna's next two issues as we explore his way with words and his ability to challenge, cajole, and soothe his way into your intellectual mindset. Get ready! 

To give Tearz his just due, we will provide a link for you to see him perform (via this blog, so check back in with us) and plan to produce an original video of his spoken word performance for one of our 2015 issues.

His work, “Covenant” will be presented in aaduna's upcoming issue launching this month.  Once published, make sure you read his work. And I say, “Amen to that!”